Monday, July 12, 2010

Back home

Hamjambo Marafiki - feels good to use Kiswahili again!  Just a note to let you know I am back in the US.  Too many things were happening back here and I decided to cut my term of service short and return home. I have been in Colorado with Rusty, Shannon, Lucy and Josie, as well as Betsy and Dave.  It has been good ad I don't feel like I have been out of the country for 20+ months.  I traveled to see my sister Sandie in CA and am heading for the NW tomorrow for a visit with Katie and friends.  I am "homeless" for now and retake my townhouse August 1.  I am looking foward to getting caught up with all of you once I return to Lincoln.  I do have a phone and my number is 402 613 6269.  Hope this finds you all well and see you soon!   Pat

My Great Family

My Great Family
Katie, Shannon, Lucy, Pat, Russ, Betsy

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Pat Novak, PCV
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