Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kazi Yangu (my work)

  July 7, 2009  (as a heads up, some test photos were put on my last blog, LUCY, my house, kids lighting jiko) in case you were wondering where they came from.  This has been a interesting learning experience!

Here we go folks – my first attempt at putting some photos on this here blog.  I finally bit the bullet and purchased bamba-net, an internet connection so now I can be oneline without having to go to the cyber café.  I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but hoping it allows for better communication with folks back home and staying more current with this blog. 

Things are going well at school and we are hoping to host a World Aids Day (Dec. 1) event in the town, focusing on youth and prevention.  Hopefully we can organize it and make it happen.  Finding time for my counterparts to work on it will be difficult as they are usually busy in the classroom and dealing with all other school issues.  I hope to involve some of the other HIV/Aids groups to share the work load and involve as many folks as possible.

My first attempt at photos will be focusing on the school and the students.  I will give you a brief update on the “sewing supplies” adventure.  As many of you know, and some of you actually participated in it, 2 giant boxes of sewing and craft supplies were sent.  At first it presented a dilemma, how to best distribute them to make sure the most people got the most of them over the longest period of time.  I finally came to realize it DIDN’T MATTER and turned over the majority of the sewing supplies to the school.  I have been the monitor of them – had to count (220) zips, 200+ spools of thread, and sort and tie together buttons.  Each day students will come and get what they need for the garment they are making, return unused thread at the end of the day so it will be available for the next days class.  I sometimes think – “I have 2 masters degrees and I am counting thread  and sorting buttons!”, but then realize it is a perfect opportunity to interact with the students and get to know them better.  In reality, it has been fun.

Don’t want to make this a long dissertation, but hoping to successfully post one photo to test the waters.  Let me know if this works or not!  

As always, thinking of you.  Just to make it interesting – it is COLD here.  Had 2 long sleeved shirts on today and am sleeping in my down sleeping bag!  Enjoy the summer heat and humidity in NE.



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alan.orth said...


Good work! You're even getting the resizing and text wrapping down.

Yes, it is cold. But I remember I went back to California in February, 2008 and I was freezing my ass off. And that's just almost spring in San Diego!

Kenya is pretty warm... pretty soon we'll be crying for the cold again.


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