Tuesday, October 20, 2009

They call me "Mutanu"

A few folks have asked about the rains and the name Mutanua - so hope to clarify both at the same time.  We are now in the long rainy season for Kenya - September through December, but the rains are a month late and those "in the know" are predicting heavier than usual rains.  So just like any other drought, it is slowly coming to an end.  Unfortunately, there are very few ways to store the excess water that comes with these heavy rains.  Cachment systems are only for those with /= (shillings).  The fields are slowly showing new, green growth and the temperatures have cooled a bit.  People are frantically planting in the shambas (fields).  This is another blog as I spent part of Tuesday helping my friend plant mahindi and maharagwe (corn an beans) while trying not to get stuck in the mud!

Now for Mutanu.  That is my kikamba name.  Kikamba is the mother tongue of the people in this region, the Kamba.  I was given the Maasi name of Naishiba in Loitokitok by my host mama and it means "person who is always happy".  Mutanu is the same, only in kikamba.  Now for those who know me well may be thinking "This is PAT?"  Well, yes it is and for the most part I try to live up to my name on a daily basis!  There is so much to enjoy and treasure here that it is easy to do.  I have relinquished all (well, most) expectations from folks so do not get too upset when things do not happen as planned.

People have many names here Wambua - born in the rainy season, Mutua - people who have been here for many years, etc.   It is Mama Sam or Baba Sam, never Josephine or Francis, their given names.  I never know what to call any person.

Okay, short but sweet.  I am planning on updating on the weekends, so look look for the blog on my quilting class on Sunday.  Hopefully with any degree of regularity you will remember to check my blog to see what is happening in Nguluni!  

siku njema, kwa heri,   Mutanu

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alan.orth said...

Yo yo,

Wasiata? Nesa muno! Glad you're still blogging, Pat. I will come visit some day, I know the college would love to see the new Alan, haha. I got a hair cut today, and it was a bit experimental cuz I think the guy was drunk.

In other news, I am still enjoying work. I also just ran 10km in the Nairobi Standard Chartered marathon. Good fun!

AHahahah adios,


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