Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I am missing ---

This is not about Pat in Kenya, but what is happening back in America while I am here.  I do miss the 40+ inches of snow you all have had, but not the cold weather.  But the big news is how the Novak family is growing.  Josephine Grace (Josie) was born last Thursday (Feb. 18) weighing in 8.2 and 19" with a fantastic head of hair.

Betsy and David have announced September wedding plans.  Not sure how that will impact my PC situation, but will be there for the wedding for sure.

Life is good - traveled last weekend to the east of Mt. Kenya helping another PCV work with his group project and will have the opportunity for an actual holiday this coming weekend traveling to Mt. Longonot and Hell's Gate.  The weather is a bit tricky, the rains should be over, but they aren't so we shall see.

Anyway - here's the pics of big sister Lucy and Josie and David and Betsy.

Love and hugs to all - spring is coming!


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